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It's Strange How Things Begin....

Once upon a time, there was a groovy Latina who dreamed of changing lives. Who knew it would happen one lawn at a time?

Many moons ago, Cristina was married to an Artificial Lawn Installation man. Not just an installation man... the best lawn installation guy around. He asked her to help create an estimate for one of his clients. "I looked at him like, 'Are you crazy? I have no clue what I'm doing.'" Although she felt like she kept making mistakes, Cristina huffed and puffed until she blew the obstacles down.

The couple had three beautiful children and busy schedules, but like many couples, try as they may, they eventually went their separate ways. Cristina had three jobs and worked hard to be the best example to her children. She poured herself into being a Special Needs Coach, Hilton, and American Airline Employee, but eventually, Cristina burned out. "Something had to change." What did she know how to do? Work hard. How could she create a better life for her family? Start her own business. And that is exactly what she did. Cristina was determined to get her contracting license and apply her hard-earned expertise to a profitable multicultural, family-owned landscaping business.

"I come from a big Hispanic family. I love seeing people happy and gathering together. I wanted to help people use their yards for having good times and creating happiness." AZ One Lawn at a Time was born out of this desire.

Cristina had a great turf installer, but he was too busy, and she wanted the best for her clients. Although she was initially discouraged, she turned to the greatest installer she knew, her ex-husband and friend. Learning to work together for the benefit of their family and clients, AZ One Lawn at a Time grew to include installers who pride themselves on the details of a job.

In her off time, Cristina loves traveling. She has been to Iceland, South Africa, France, Amsterdam, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico. Her dream is to make it to Scotland, Ireland, and Colombia. Knowing Cristina, she's going to make it.

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